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Beauty comes from taking time to connect with your self — body, mind, and spirit

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Imbued with zeal to deliver an unparalleled beauty experience, the GlossNGlass Makeup Academy family presents to you – The GlossNGlass Salon and Spa. Flawless style, extraordinary service, and a touch of magic are the key factors to celebrating The GlossNGlass Salon and Spa experience.
The GlossNGlass Salon and Spa is a grooming wonderland, for both women and men, which offer a full spectrum of salon services, from brows to a pedicure and everything in between. Each service is customized to your specifications, and mindful of your natural beauty. Whether you are looking for a blow-dry or coming in to get your nails done, each service is tailor-made to provide what you are looking for – excellence! We have a host of hair treatment services too which are unique to our salon, allowing you to treat your hair to some exclusive love and care. Our entire staff has been scrupulously trained and deliver the best in class service. Our hair and beauty stylists, finest in the business will walk you through each of our treatments so you know what to expect when it comes to The GlossNGlass Salon and Spa experience.
At our Bangalore outlet, you will enjoy holistic and empowering therapies with a suite of luxury grooming, day spa, skin and wellbeing services which are thoughtfully selected and magically combined for radiant beauty, outside and inside. Exuding a salon of effortless style, the combination of friendly, attentive services and the fact that it’s’ led by award-winning, beauty, and makeup artist's icons truly make The GlossNGlass Salon and Spa one of a kind!
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